Helping Hands
Helping Hands

With over 32 million children deprived of education, there are a lot of dreams being cut short. When students get the opportunities they deserve, the world begins to change; poverty goes down, economies grow, families get stronger and most importantly they become aware of their basic rights. Helping Hands is an initiative of the We Rise Together Foundation for benefiting the kids deprived of basic necessities.

We provide these children sources for entertainment, study, sports, and food to foster a healthy mind and body. We encourage people to donate their old books, clothes, accessories, stationeries, comic books, board games etc. which are in a reusable condition, to further provide to disadvantaged children.

We have benefitted over 100 children through this initiative. These children now have the resources to entertain themselves, educate themselves and enhance their own skills. Under #HelpingHands, we also opened a library at Nirbhed Foundation, India which became a school for the underprivileged.

Contribute to this Helping Hands so that we can Give More to Grow More!


We gained a lot of unforgettable memories from all the events we do. Have a peek at how our event look like by clicking on the cards below.


We Rise Together Foundation has always looked forward to helping people in all areas, be it sanitation and hygiene through She Hygiene, better lifestyle through Helping hands, or a healthy nature through Sunday4SecuredFuture. We are trying our level best to keep up with our work and to bring happiness through our initiatives but we need your support and kind gestures to move forward. Donate now to help those who need it the most!